Huntsville Is Muskoka’s Most Precious Jewel.

Three large lakes define the Huntsville area - Mary Lake, Lake Vernon, and Fairy Lake. There are countless smaller lakes as well. The Muskoka River winds its way through the city’s downtown, while the Big East River empties into Lake Vernon. Arrowhead Provincial Park is also located within Huntsville’s city limits.

The Summit is a perfect getaway from the fast paced and noisy city life.

Huntsville Is Art

Inspired by the scenery and the art colony vibe of the town, local and visiting artists flock here. Famed Canadian artist Tom Thomson and his successors, the Group of Seven painted here frequently. In fact, a Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery in Huntsville features over 40 outdoor murals celebrating the work of these Canadian icons.

Artistry permeates Huntsville’s culture, attracting artists and performers all year round.

Huntsville is well known for its many arts festivals, including Huntsville Festival of the Arts. Other arts activities include the annual Muskoka Novel Marathon, Film North (International Film Festival), and most recently Nuit Blanche North, produced by the Huntsville Festival of the Arts and Edge of the Woods Theatre.

A Foodies’ Haven

Huntsville is well-known for its eclectic restaurant scene. Enjoy the world’s best fish & chips at the old Westside Diner or consider the 5-star rated Artisan House for special occasions. What makes Huntsville interesting is its unique, one-of-a-kind, local restaurants; Spencer’s Tall Trees, Main Street Local Kitchen, That Little Place by the Lights, On the Docks, 3 Guys and a Stove, Eclipse Dining Room.

Craft Breweries Serving Up Cold Ones

Craft breweries are a big draw in Huntsville. The Huntsville Brew House and Canvas Brewing Company join area breweries like Muskoka Brewery in Bracebridge, Clear Lake Brewery in Emsdale, Lake of Bays Brewing Company and Sawdust Brewing Company in Gravenhurst, to offer crisp, unique beers that define this growing cottage industry.

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